Advancing understanding of and capability to predict the ocean’s impact on climate change 

Led by BAS, in partnership with CPOM, NOC, BGS, PML and the Sea Mammal Research Unit, ORCHESTRA will combine data collection, analysis and computer simulations to radically improve our ability to measure, understand and predict the circulation of the Southern Ocean.  By improving current models, ORCHESTRA will address uncertainties regarding the uptake and storage of heat and carbon by the ocean and how this influences global climate.

CPOM role: provision of Earth Observation (EO) data

Overseen by Andy Shepherd, CPOM will provide ORCHESTRA with EO datasets focusing on satellite observations of sea ice freeboard and sea surface height between ice floes.  This will be underpinned by technical expertise including maintenance of satellite altimeter data archives, maintenance of sea ice data processing systems, and implementation of software developments (Alan Muir); specialist technical support on sea ice altimetry, including cross-calibration of measurements from different satellite missions and validation of satellite data with results from field campaigns (Andy Ridout); and scientific programming and development and maintenance of the SAR data processing.