Developing a world-leading UK Earth System Model

A partnership between all 8 NERC research centres and the UK Met Office, UKESM will be the UK’s first Earth System Model.   Based on the Met Office core Global Climate Model (HadGEM3) UKESM aims to provide robust projections of the Earth system response to anthropogenic climate forcing, incorporating all relevant processes and interactions.  This includes marine ice sheet instability and Arctic sea ice loss. UKESM will, for example, include options for ice sheets that interact in a physically consistent way with both the atmosphere above and ocean underneath the ice shelves, making it a world-leading model in this area of science.

CPOM role: sea ice and land ice modelling

CPOM’s input to UKESM will be led by Tony Payne, and include expertise in numerical sea ice modelling (David Schroeder, via CICE, the Los Alamos Sea Ice model) and computational ice sheet physics, in particular the development of adaptive high-performance methods for the simulation of Antarctica (via the BISICLES dynamic ice sheet model).