Strategic partnerships

Our main strategic partnership are with BAS, NOC, NCEO, and the MO. Work undertaken at BAS and NOC assists us in meeting CPOM’s scientific challenges. Our partnerships with the MO and NCEO meanwhile ensure a wide impact for the satellite datasets and numerical models that we produce.     We have led a number of ESA awards that jointly involve BAS, including investigations of CryoSat-2 data retrievals in mountainous terrain, an assessment of Antarctic Peninsula mass imbalance, and a scoping exercise to assess the feasibility of delivering satellite estimates of Antarctic ice sheet essential climate variables. The latter has led to a long-term funded collaborative project as part of the ESA Climate Change Initiative. We also collaborate with BAS and NOC on several strategic initiatives, including the Ice Sheet Mass Balance Inter-comparison exercise, the UK Sea Ice Group, and the Joint Sea Ice Modelling Programme, which also involves the MO, that are all led by CPOM.