CPOM’s Dr Sammie Buzzard features in stunning new planetarium show at Life Science Centre

CPOM PI Dr Sammie Buzzard (Northumbria University) is featured in stunning new Earth Defenders! planetarium production now showing at Life Science Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Sammie portrays a scientist in a televised documentary introducing Earth Defenders! which follows the action-packed stories of five superhero characters based on real satellites used for a range of earth-protecting purposes. One of the featured satellites is ESA’s CryoSat-2, which produces data CPOM uses to measure both sea ice and the polar ice sheets.

Earth Defenders! also includes asteroid detector NEOWISE, Biomass which observes forests, MetOp which increases the accuracy of weather predictions and global navigation satellite system, Galileo. These satellites have been brought to life by the talented team at the Life Science Centre to educate and inspire a younger audience on the power of earth observation.

Sammie, an expert on Ice Shelf Earth Observation said: “As someone who uses satellites in their research into the Earth’s rapidly changing polar regions, I’m thrilled that Life are showing visitors how important satellites are and are making them accessible to a younger audience. At CPOM we’re especially excited to see our favourite satellite, CryoSat-2, brought to life!”

The show, which is projected across the 360-degree domed Planetarium, provides a unique, immersive experience and is a must-see for children and adults alike who live in, or are visiting, the North East this summer.