Media coverage


12.12.16 BBC website: Hannes Konrad/Andy Shepherd on the satellite record of ice losses from West Antarctic glaciers

30.11.16 BBC website: Rachel Tilling/Andy Shepherd on 2016’s Arctic sea ice volume 

06.09.16 Guardian Science Weekly Podcast: David Schroeder on Arctic sea ice

Every year the Arctic Ocean experiences the formation and then melting of vast amounts of ice that floats on the sea surface. This sea ice plays a central role in polar climate and the global ocean circulation pattern. Credit: ESA

17.06.16 BBC website: David Schroeder/Danny Feltham on sea ice prediction

Summer sunset in Antarctica. Beautiful winter background.

12.05.16 BBC website: Noel Gourmelen/Andy Shepherd on CryoSat’s new swath mode

cryosat swath

17.12.15 BBC website: Mal McMillan on how Greenland is shedding ice to the oceans

Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data (2015)/ENVEO/ESA CCI/FFG Description This map of Greenland ice sheet velocity was created using data from Sentinel-1A in January–March 2015 and complemented by the routine 12-day repeat acquisitions of the margins since June 2015. About 1200 radar scenes from the satellite’s wide-swath mode were used to produce the map, which clearly shows dynamic glacier outlets around the Greenland coast. In particular, the Zachariae Isstrom glacier in the northeast is changing rapidly, and recently reported as having become unmoored from a stabilising sill and now crumbling into the North Atlantic Ocean. (Colour scale in metres per day).