Polar science is a rapidly evolving and exciting area of research, and one that captures a lot of public attention. We hope our blog will be both interesting and insightful, and provide a useful source of information and discussion about the cutting edge of polar science.  We will use it to provide details of our current activities, including field campaigns, meetings and conferences; discuss important results and papers; and provide timely analysis and commentary on other polar research.  Read on…..

European satellite ERS-2 returns to earth after almost 30 years

Nicola Bortun, February 2024

Image credit: ESA-SJM Photography esa.int/ESA_Multimedia/Images/2024/02/Saying_goodbye_to_ERS-2

Joint ESA CryoVEx/DEFIANT Antarctica Campaign

Inès Otosaka, December 2022

CRYO2ICE Greenland Campaign 2022

Amy Swiggs, April 2022

Being a scientist-mum: a report for UN Women and Girls in Science Day

Rosie Willatt, 11th February 2021

Atmospheric Blocking and Greenland Melt

Victoria Lee (Senior Research Associate, Bristol), Robin S. Smith (Senior Research Scientist, Reading), Tony Payne (Professor of Glaciology, Bristol), 7 July 2020

How CPOM took me to the surface of Mars

Jake Davies (a past CPOM summer student), 3 October 2019

Diary of a Climate Scientist: “I see a mess of broken icebergs in the ocean” 

Anna Hogg (Independent Research Fellow, Leeds), 7 May 2019

“As the Twin Otter plane engines roar into action, the familiar sound triggers a tingle of excitement in my stomach: I’m out on fieldwork.”

A trip to 78˚N

Liam Taylor (Postgraduate Student, Leeds), 4 July 2018

Liam Taylor

North Pole surges above 0 degrees C three winters in a row

Julienne Stroeve (Professor of Polar Observation and Modelling, University College London), 6 March 2018

A brief introduction to Antarctic sea ice

Rebecca Frew (Postgraduate Research Student, Reading), 22 January 2018

The First North American CryoSat Meeting (and news of the follow-on mission)

Flora Weissgerber (Postdoctoral Researcher, Edinburgh), 10 April 2017



Sea ice thickness data in your pocket: New CPOM app launched!

Sam Spillard (CPOM Placement Student, Leeds), 9 March 2017


Earth and ice may share a closely entangled evolution in West Antarctica over the millennia. How does this add to possible collapse?

Hannes Konrad (CPOM Research Fellow, Leeds) 21 February 2017



What is iceberg calving, and why does it matter?

Matt Trevers (CPOM PhD Student, Bristol), 6 February 2017


Glimpsing under the ice – measuring the ice-covered Arctic Ocean from space

Tom Armitage (CPOM Research Associate, UCL), 8 December 2016




Arctic sea ice – frequently asked questions

Rachel Tilling (CPOM Research Fellow, Leeds), 18 November 2016


Measuring snow density and stratigraphy on the Greenland Ice Sheet

Anna Hogg (ESA Living Planet Research Fellow, Leeds) 2 November 2016


Process modelling beneath the Arctic sea ice

Naomi Smith (CPOM Research Associate, University of Reading) 30 September 2016

Naomi Smith

My week at the first ESA-CPOM Advanced Earth Observation Summer School

Isobel Lawrence (CPOM Research Associate, UCL) 15 September 2016


Why do we care about modelling the Amundsen Sea Embayment?

Isabel Nias (CPOM Research Associate, University of Bristol), 5 September 2016


Tracking Greenland ice melt

Mal McMillan (University Academic Research Fellow, Leeds), 17 August 2016


6 years at CPOM and some summer news

Michel Tsamados (Lecturer in Polar Observation & Modelling/Rheology, UCL), 5 August 2016


Measuring the changing mass of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets from space

Kate Briggs (CPOM Research Fellow, Leeds), 18 July 2016

Kate CPOM hat

Ice sheet modelling and education by stealth

Steph Cornford (Senior Research Associate, University of Bristol), 28 June 2016

Steph operating a radar on Pine Island Glacier. Credit: David Vaughan/BAS

Welcome to CPOM!

Tom Armitage (CPOM Research Associate at UCL), 10 June 2016