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CPOM researchers contribute to the newly released Copernicus European State of the Climate Report 2019

A comprehensive annual climate overview, on which CPOM researchers were co-authors, has been released by the Copernicus Climate Change Service ...
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Six-fold increase in polar ice losses since the 1990s

Greenland and Antarctica are losing ice faster than in the 1990s and are both tracking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ...
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Greenland losing ice ‘faster than expected’

Greenland is losing ice faster than in the 1990s and is tracking the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s high-end climate ...
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Celebrating satellites’ contribution to Polar science

Seven areas of fast-flowing ice on the Antarctic Peninsula have been formally named after Earth observation satellites, following a request ...
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Nearly a quarter of West Antarctic ice is now unstable

In only 25 years, ocean melting has caused ice thinning to spread across West Antarctica so rapidly that 24% of ...
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CPOM’s Tom Slater wins 2019 Piers Sellers Prize

Tom Slater, a final year PhD student at CPOM Leeds, is being presented with the Piers Sellers prize for exceptional ...
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