CPOM Principle Investigators (PIs) work with the Directorate team to set our strategic priorities and manage NC-funded staff through quarterly and annual centre-wide meetings. PIs are responsible for delivering and reporting our short-term and long-term strategic priorities, and NC-funded CPOM staff are responsible for executing the work.

CPOM Director

Andy Shepherd

Northumbria University


CPOM PI for Ice Sheet EO and CPOM Director for Operations

Ines Otosaka

Northumbria University



CPOM PI for Sea Ice EO and CPOM Director for Partnerships

Rosemary Willatt

Northumbria University

CPOM Sea Ice Lead

Danny Feltham

University of Reading

CPOM PI for Ice Shelf EO and CPOM Director for Knowledge Exchange

Sammie Buzzard

Northumbria University

CPOM Land Ice Lead

Tony Payne

University of Liverpool

Professor in Polar Earth Observation

Mal McMillan

Lancaster University



Lecturer in Ice Flow Modelling and Antarctica

Steph Cornford

University of Bristol