Media coverage

27.03.17 CBS news Tom Slater describes how a new Digital Elevation Model (DEM) reveals Antarctica in 3D

02.05.17 Anna Hogg/Andy Shepherd on how the Antarctic Peninsula is more stable than previously thought

02.08.17 The Guardian Anna Hogg describes what’s happening to the giant Larsen-C iceberg

12.12.16 BBC website: Hannes Konrad/Andy Shepherd on the satellite record of ice losses from West Antarctic glaciers

30.11.16 BBC website: Rachel Tilling/Andy Shepherd on 2016’s Arctic sea ice volume 

06.09.16 Guardian Science Weekly Podcast: David Schroeder on Arctic sea ice

Every year the Arctic Ocean experiences the formation and then melting of vast amounts of ice that floats on the sea surface. This sea ice plays a central role in polar climate and the global ocean circulation pattern. Credit: ESA