PhD opportunity: Greenland/Antarctic ice sheet mass balance and regional variability in sea level rise

CPOM is seeking an excellent PhD candidate to work at the interface of climate and space science.  

Using Earth Observation data acquired by satellites such as CryoSat-2, the European Space Agency’s mission dedicated to monitoring the polar regions, you will assess both how the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets are contributing to sea level rise (SLR), and how this contribution varies spatially and temporally across the globe. The resulting ice sheet “fingerprints” will not only add confidence to current assessments of climate change impacts, but also improve future regional SLR projections.

In addition, you will participate in a field campaign on the Greenland Ice Sheet, undertaking vital work to ensure that future estimates of ice loss are correct.  This will involve collecting field data and using it to validate satellite measurements from CryoSat-2, aiding in the assessment of how such measurements are distorted by climatic extremes.

Based within CPOM at Leeds, you will actively collaborate with a large team of land and sea ice observation and modelling experts across the UK.  In addition, as the project is co-funded by ESA, there will be opportunities to attend international meetings and engage with a wide range of climate and space scientists. 

Requirements are a good first degree (first or high 2.i) or Masters degree in physics, maths, Earth science, climate science, Earth observation or a related discipline. Expertise in computer programming, while not required, will be a valuable asset. 

For further information please see our PhD opportunities.