Space to Earth View challenges kids to aim high!

CPOM’s Anna Hogg has been inspiring schoolchildren to take their fitness to new heights and learn about space science at the same time.

Funded by the UK Space Agency, the ‘Space to Earth View Challenge’ is a fun way of inspiring children of all abilities to get more active and work towards a shared goal whilst learning about the exciting topic of Earth Observation.

Anna has been working alongside Triathlon Trust ambassador and Team GB Paralympian Lauren Steadman, encouraging children to run, swim and cycle a total of 717km – the height at which CryoSat, the European Space Agency’s polar mission, orbits the Earth.

22 events across the UK have been delivered, with 6,826 children (52% male/48% female) taking part and 25,852 km travelled – meaning the challenges have successfully been hitting CryoSat’s orbit!

Map of the UK showing the location of the schools that have taken part in the challenge

Anna said: “The challenge is a fantastic opportunity to engage children in both Earth Observation and keeping fit, paving the way for healthy lifestyles and an interest in space science as they get older.”

100% of teachers rated the event ‘Excellent’. 100% of teachers agreed that the activity increased their pupil’s understanding of Earth Observation and 92% of teachers intend to continue learning about earth observation with their pupils. 92% of teachers agreed that the activity was inclusive and that children enjoyed it.

The Triathlon Trust has provided all the equipment schools need to take part, including bikes mounted on turbo trainers.

Children taking part in the Space to Earth View challenge







Astronaut Tim Peake has meanwhile given his full support to the project as a way of promoting both fitness and space – having experienced them at the same time!

Tim Peake keeping fit on the ISS Treadmill. Credit: AP/ESA

Tweeting about the challenge this week, he said:

Watch Anna and Lauren explain more about the challenge in this video:

 Further information:

The Space to Earth View Challenge is a partnership between The Triathlon Trust, CPOM, the Ideas Foundation, Venture Thinking and Accenture. They would like to thank the UK Space Agency for making the project possible.

The Triathlon Trust is the official charity of British Triathlon, using the engaging sport of triathlon to encourage young people to lead healthy, more active lifestyles.

To learn more about the challenge and access free learning resources about Earth Observation visit:

To see videos from the events visit: